Originally from Orange County, California, Paul Dow moved to Phoenix 26 years ago and has since been nothing but happy in the Grand Canyon State with his wife and son. Because his wife is from Colorado, free time is spent often traveling to California and Colorado to visit family and friends. This frequency of travel is what allows Paul to have his finger on the pulse of the real estate markets in all three states – Arizona, California, and Colorado.
Paul has worked in the financial world since 1999, driven by his passion to serve. Experience in these 22 years includes time in the investment, insurance, real estate, and banking industries. From working in operations and training to sales and management, Paul provides an all-encompassing approach to each one of his clients. Because he has had a foot in the door of so many industries, he is able and willing to answer any questions his clients may have on the complex and potentially-daunting mortgage process.
Today, working in residential home loans allows Paul to be a source of information, stability, and comfort in what is usually the biggest investment in someone’s life. The mortgage process can be scary and intimidating because many times home buyers don’t even know which questions to ask, let alone where to start. Paul is there as a partner to each one of his clients, helping them navigate through every aspect of the home loan process.
Whether you’re buying your first home, buying your dream home, lowering your monthly payments by refinancing, or more, Paul can’t wait to make this the best experience possible for you!