LuLu Zamora’s 20 years of financial industry experience and passion for helping people makes her the perfect advisor for assisting clients in achieving their American Dream of owning a home.

Whether it is a first-time home buyer or an experienced one, LuLu is always ready to design the perfect loan to match her client’s needs no matter what hurdles may come their way. Lulu’s extensive knowledge of loan programs combined with her problem-solving skills ensures that each of her clients receive the correct guidance in their pursuit of purchasing a home.

Over the years, LuLu has developed strong relationships with realtors, insurance agents, inspectors, nonprofit organizations, and title companies to help facilitate the loan process and reduce the stress of home ownership. She has found that setting correct expectations and having her clients’ best interests at heart is the best way to continue to build trust in her field.

When she’s not busy helping families with their home needs, Lulu enjoys dining out, enjoying a good bottle of wine, and spending time with her doggies—Jerry and Toola.