Derek Harada started originating loans in 2003 for one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country. Fast forward 18 years, he still has a passion for assisting homeowners with identifying and securing the most beneficial financial solutions available to them.

Derek completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Arizona State University before dedicating his professional life to the mortgage business, following his passion for assisting homeowners with the potentially daunting mortgage process.

Derek’s dedication to the industry has led him to be recognized as a trusted and respected mortgage broker by both his peers and his clients. His level of commitment and compassion while assisting those he helps allows him to understand each client’s unique scenario and provide the best financial advice possible. Through this level of quality service, Derek treats everyone as if they are family and develops lifelong business relationships.

Coming from a small town in Iowa, Derek appreciates strong family values. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and dedicates his free time to spending time with his family as well as helping others in his community. When he is not helping his clients, he is fathering, coaching, and guiding his 18-year-old son, Jake, who attends Western Texas College on a full-ride scholarship for his talent and success as a golfer.

Derek’s clients are able to breeze through the mortgage process knowing that they are well cared for working with a loan officer who can find them the most advantageous loan available to them based on their unique financial needs.